The Sweazas

Dan and Amber in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

Daniel and Amber met at Arlington Baptist College and were married in 2004.
Their heartbeat is to see the people of Calgary know Jesus.

Daniel spent his younger years in California and Texas. He grew up in an unchurched home, but gave his life to Christ at the age of 16.
He has worked as a student pastor since 2001.

Amber grew up in a Christian home in north Texas and was saved at the age of 8. She is a gifted musician, and has worked as a professional massage therapist since 2006.

From 2005-2015, Daniel and Amber served as the ministers to
youth and families at Medulla Baptist Church in Lakeland, Florida.

On September 11, 2016 they launched and now pastor Connect Church.

Dan and Amber Sweaza
51 Evansglen Court NW
Calgary, AB T3P0P2

Our calling to calgary

In 2014, Amber served as the chairperson of Medulla's missions committee. Part of her responsibilities included planning yearly short-term mission trips for the congregation. A friend mentioned that their church had taken a trip to Calgary, Alberta, and recommended that we bring our group up to help a new church plant in the area.

In March, we flew up to Calgary to "scout" a trip. We needed to meet the
local contacts, find lodging, and plan daily ministry for Medulla's mission trip.

While we were there, we were immediately struck by a few things:

  • The beauty of the city & neighboring mountains (Truly - It's breathtaking!)
    (Check out the "FOLLOW" page for pictures from our instagram account)

  • The number of homes under construction, and the number of young families everywhere we went. It was clear the city was young & thriving.

  • The lack of churches. For such a large city, there are extremely few evangelical congregations.

Upon our return to Florida, we acknowledged that we both felt a call to church planting in Calgary. This was a very scary idea (after all, life and ministry have been wonderful in Florida), so we wrestled with the feeling for weeks.

In July, we led the short-term mission trip for our church, and during this time of ministry in the city, God confirmed His call in our hearts. When we arrived home, we began making preparations for this new adventure.

Our blog has a more detailed account of our our calling. Please check it out!