One of the most exciting ways to partner with us is to come to Calgary for a short term mission trip! Our hope is to host teams year-round; ministry can happen here in the sunshine or the snowfall.

Community ministry is a little different in Canada; there is not much need for the types of ministry done in third world or developing countries: building projects, clothing drives, or medical missions.
Instead, there is the opportunity to engage people directly with the gospel. Help us meet the spiritual and social needs of our community!
Click below for detailed information about how to come to Calgary:

why bring a team to Canada?

  • A unique type of ministry. If you are like most churches, you've visited third world countries to help meet physical needs - and that's wonderful! But all people need to hear the gospel, even affluent Canadians.
  • Ministry in your own language. Working through a language barrier can be very difficult, even with great translators. Western Canadians speak english, so you can make conversation and connect with people easily.
  • All the ministry you do here is directly transferable to your community back home. Mission trips should inspire your teams to go home and do. It is a life impacting trip that continues on long after the week is over.
  • We can help you with the logistics of your trip. We can offer as much guidance as you need in securing housing, food, transportation, budgeting, clearing customs, etc.
  • You will be a blessing to our communities and to Connect Church. Your service will enable our ministry to go further, faster!