CNBC, NAMB, ARC, SEND - Peak acronym achieved!

One question we often get here in Canada is, "What kind of church are you?" We usually answer that "Connect Church is a baptist church, but we don't make a huge deal out of our denominational connections. We hope folks from many backgrounds will feel at home at Connect." Of course ecclesiology (what we believe about the church) is very important, but we want people to see Jesus first and foremost. After all, church bylaws have never saved anyone!

But for those of you who have been following our church planting adventure for the past 18-ish months, you've probably heard us use an impressive number of acronyms to describe the two networks we belong to. From mentoring to financial support and personal accountability, these groups are integral to helping us launch a healthy, effective church.

So here's your handy primer on our crazy world of church plant acronyms:

CNBC - "Canadian National Baptist Convention" - The CNBC is our denomination here in Canada. The CNBC is the Southern Baptist Convention's Canadian counterpart, and both groups cooperate to plant new churches across North America. Check out the CNBC's website here.

NAMB - "North American Mission Board" (and the SEND Network) - NAMB (rhymes with "ham") is the church planting arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, and they work in partnership with the CNBC under the name "SEND Network." Our initial assessment, placement, coaching and funding come from this CNBC/NAMB cooperation. Learn more about NAMB at their website.

ARC - "Association of Related Churches" - ARC is a cross-denominational church planting network based out of Birmingham, AL. They too offer assessment, coaching, accountability and financial assistance to church planters in order to launch life-giving churches across the world. Learn more about ARC here.

We are incredibly grateful to be a part of these two "tribes." Their support ensures that we are planting within a framework of guidance and accountability, and greatly increase our odds of launching a healthy, life-giving church!