Snapshots of the past few weeks for Follow Us North

Answered Prayers Everywhere!
In the last few weeks leading up to our departure from Florida, we had several big things that had to be accomplished: We needed to rent our house, sell Daniel's pickup truck, take 40 students to youth summer mission camp, close Amber's business, pack our home, wrap up things at Medulla, as well as plan and prepare for Canada. Whew! It was exhausting, but we managed to get everything done on time - with a lot of help from our friends. Thanks to everyone who prayed, packed, took us out to dinner, donated money, and hugged our necks!  

From Florida to Calgary, by way of Texas?
On June 29th, Amber and I packed our worldly possessions, two dogs, and a visiting niece into a rented uhaul then drove 1,200 miles west from Lakeland, FL to Dallas, TX. Most of our family lives in the DFW area of Texas, so we thought it would be great to spend some extended time with them prior to our official and final move to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We plan to arrive in Calgary permanently around July 30th.

New Partners catch the vision for growing God's kingdom in Calgary.
Centerpoint Church in Lakeland, FL has become a supporting partner in our mission! They allowed us to share our vision on a Sunday morning in June, and they responded with a moving time of prayer for us, a financial contribution, and plans to serving on the ground with us in the near future. We are thankful for their support!

Additionally, Daniel will have the opportunity to speak with the pastors of the Washington-Madison Baptist Association in Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 6th. The WMBA is already partnering in Calgary with another plant, and we look forward to the chance to work together for the sake of God's kingdom.

The Sweazas have also entered into a partnership with a local congregation in Calgary called The Pathway Church, in Beddington Heights. TPC has a long history in Symons Valley (the area Amber and Daniel will plant their first church in), and are helping us with our visas and payroll. We will be sharing more details about this and other partnerships in the weeks to come.

Two final things to pray for.
On July 7th, the Sweazas will be flying to Calgary to secure our visas. This paperwork enables us to live and work in Canada until we can establish permanent residency; without it, we cannot move. We don't anticipate any problems, but we don't want to neglect praying for this important meeting.

Finally, a sad note... On Thursday July 2nd, one of our beloved dogs (a chihuahua named Yoshi) escaped from the backyard of the home we are staying in and has not been seen since. Yoshi has been with us since our first wedding anniversary 10 years ago, and we are both distraught, hoping someone will spot him and give us a call. We have notified the local animal shelters, papered the neighborhood with flyers, and searched high and low. Please pray that God would return him to us before our move north - We would be crushed to leave without him!