Plotting Potential Plant Locations

One of the most interesting, important and involved tasks of planting a new church is selecting just where the new work will be started. Some planters know from day one which community they will be in; others have to make the decision out of several potential neighborhoods. We are in that latter group.

Choosing which part of town you will plant in requires an unbelievable amount of research, foresight and prayer (certainly not in that order!). You have to know what the local demographics are now, and what they will likely be in 20 years. You have to identify established churches and decide if there is "room" for a new congregation, and if your future church will bring anything unique to community. Geographic location, cost of living, and possible meeting spaces also have to be considered. It is daunting!

In our monthly prayer updates we've asked you all to pray that God would open the doors for us to plant in the right community. We have it narrowed down to two likely locations: Symons Valley and Chestermere. Based on our missiological research, either one is primed for a gospel-centered, community-focused church.

Please continue to pray for these two neighborhoods in the following ways:
1.) That God would show us which one He wants us minister in.
2.) That housing in the right location would be available to us. (Also, "reasonable" rent and willingness to allow our two dogs!)
3.) That the Holy Spirit would already be speaking to people's hearts about getting involved in a church plant. This will make gathering our launch team much easier!
4.) That whichever community we do not end up in is quickly selected by another planter and engaged with the Gospel.

The map below highlights these two locations and provides some more details about them. Click it to learn more!