Connect Church's Website

Our information strategy involves two streams of communication: Follow Us North is our avenue for communication with our stateside partners, friends and family. But for the Canadians we are trying to reach, a different approach with more relevant information is needed. So, our local "boots-on-the-ground" ministry efforts are done through our church brand, Connect Church.

We fully expect our Canadian neighbours to see Follow Us North posts, and Americans to see Connect Calgary advertisements. We aren't making any effort to "hide" a line of communication from either group. This means you have the option to select which stream of information you'd like to see (or both!).

So, if you are interested in following our efforts to engage our city directly, you can so via the following channels:



INSTAGRAM: @ConnectCalgary

TWITTER: @ConnectCalgary_

Give us a follow, like, share and prayer as we seek to love and serve our neighbours in Calgary!